What Are The Top B2B Platforms At The Moment?

//What Are The Top B2B Platforms At The Moment?

What Are The Top B2B Platforms At The Moment?

According to many experts that have experience in this area, the best option for those who want to run an online business is to select a good platform. The same goes for both B2C and B2B businesses. If you are into B2B, then you should look for the top B2B platforms that are available on the market at the moment. These platforms will not only help you create a successful eCommerce website, but they will also let you manage your B2B business at least on the Internet. The best ones have many different features and multiple pricing packages.


In case you are managing an eCommerce store, you should look for a platform that should be able to help you highlight your offer and attract customers in the best possible way. It is possible to have a great offer, but in case the platform you are using is difficult for navigation and doesn’t look secure, then you will lose many prospective clients. With the help of BigCommerce, you can forget about these problems. This platform has specially designed B2B features like bulk ordering and checkout features designed for the needs of B2B businesses.  The interface is not overly complex and gives a similar feel like a regular B2C shopping experience on a B2B level.


SAP is more than an eCommerce platform, this is a business software suite that creates a combination of different aspects of B2B business operations including manufacturing, R & D, marketing and sales. You can take care of all of these things from one place. The good news is that SAP provides access to multiple ERP packages and options which are based on your company’s size and needs. You can choose from packages created for small, midsize and large businesses.


Salesforce is another example of a complex platform that takes care of all your B2B business needs. it represents a CRM tool which allows users to handle multiple activities on different channels including email, social media, website, phone, and mobile. Thanks to this B2B platform, you will get an opportunity to get very useful insights into the characteristics of your clients. It’s really easy to identify your target audience in this way.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the many reliable B2B platforms found on the market. Take some time, do your research and opt for the one that meets your needs.

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